"Enter into His gates with Thanksgiving, and into His courts with Praise: be Thankful unto Him, and Bless His Name." Psalms 100:4



Min. Marie Parson Deac. Robert Parson, Sr.

Minister Lothie Marie Parson was born in Utica, Mississippi and grew up in Jackson, Mississippi.  She is an ordained Associate Minister of People United for Christ Church under Rev. Willie J. Watkins Sr., who happens to be her baby brother. Her older sister Dorothy Harper recalls her always having a heart of compassion for others.  It was this heart of compassion that enables Min. Parson to reach individuals on a personal level.


As God’s Grace has clothe her with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience, Min. Parson models her grace with others. Hundreds of homeless people have been recipients of her ministry of generosity.



Min. Donald Ousley

Get ready to experience an hour of applying Biblical truths that connects to your everyday ups and down experiences.  Minister Donald teaches understanding of God's Word, as a teacher in Sunday School and in his preaching the Gospel.  His ministry lifts up God's people with the Word and corrects His people by the Word with understanding.


Min. Donald allows the Holy Spirit to bring to life Sunday School lessons as it applies to everyday life relationships.  His classes provide members a unique way to fellowship and get to know one another before Sunday Worship Service. Members are usually more faithful in their Church attendance and involvement in the Ministry by taking what they learn in the Sunday School to personally be able to search the Scriptures.

Min. James Dawson


Deaconess Angie Dawson

Min. Dawson has been called to lift-up and minister to all in Truth and in Light.  He councils others to put God first in their lives by seeking first the Kingdom of God and His Righteouness.  Putting God first in his life was the beginning of his calling to become routed and planted at People United for Christ and to do his best to support his Pastor in any area that is needed.


Min. Dawson and Deaconess Angie both has an affinity working with young people in the Youth and Music Ministries and has a special gifting of being able to reach at-risk youth and teaching God's Plan for their lives.  The 23rd Psalms is their favorite foundational Scripture, "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want..."


Min. Dawson's ministry and evangelism outreach is uplifting Jesus and telling of God's Goodness, being a light and testifying how God has brought him out.


Deacon Board
Deacon & Deaconess J.R. and Tanya Parson

JR and Tanya have been married since 1998, and have three wonderful children.  JR gave his life to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ at the age of seventeen, and is currently a Deacon at People United, serves on the Finance Committee, and is frequently a driver for the Van Transportation Ministry.


Tanya gave her life to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ at the age of fifteen at a summer Christian retreat and re-dedicated her life in 2001. She is currently a Deaconess where she also serves as one of the Ministers of Music in which she works closely with the youth.





Restoration Prayer Ministry
Sis. Samie Hood

It is the Mission of Pastor Willie Watkins and First Lady Juanita Watkins to make People United For Christ Church a place, not only to come to know God through Jesus Christ, but also to make it a place of healing and a place that hurting people can come to to be made whole.


I have watched it become just that. I had a chance to see on a personal level as I watched a loved healed, due in great part to the love that was shown him by this great Church. I feel God has given me a deep empathy and caring for the hurting and down trodden. He has put in me a desire to go before Him in prayer for anyone that I see suffering. I am strongly aware of the awesome power of bringing everything to God in prayer.


I believe God is in need of mighty warriors that will not quit until the job is done. I also believe God can and is using me in that way at People United for Church.  God Bless

Emeritus Director
Adult Choir


Mother Isabelle Stephens

Mother’s favorite saying is from a song written by Bro. James Cleveland “Give Me My Flowers While I Yet Live.” Besides being People United Christ’s Praise Team and Choir Director, Mother sings with the Gospel Chimes. She is a pillar of Faith and the love that she gives is like a magnet that draws and comforts young people that are bombarded with constant attacks on their Christian commitment.


Mother can sing the contemporary songs, and she can also reach back and teach Ol’ Time Gospel songs like “Its Praying Time,” “God’s Still In Charge” or “How I Got Over.”  Mother, it is our desire to always give you your flowers, which is our reasonable service for all that you give to the service of the Church.


Mother calls all of us her “children,” and we are blessed to have Mother in the Church watching, guiding, and nurturing us in the path that leads to righteousness.


Min. Marie Parson - Adult Choir President

Min. James Dawson - Assistant Director

Dea. Tanya Parson - Director Hallelujah Shouts/Combined

Music Ministry
Cheyenne Parson

The Music Ministry at People United for Christ is a important part of the praise and worship service carried out by Holy Ghost filled and led musicians.  As the Pianist in the Music Ministry, Cheyenne is also an example of the  level of achievement that other young budding musicians can aspire to perform and to bless the Church with their God given talent.


The Music Ministry incorporates a wide-range of musical styles, such as contemporary music, Gospels, hymns and genres that encompass classicals in the era of the Edwin Hawkins Singers and Andrae Cronch, the Winans, up to and including Destiny's Child musical selections on any given Sunday or special program.


Cheyenne Parson - Piano/Keyboard

Bro. Jerry Braxton - Drums/Piano

Bro. Gary Robertson - Drums

Open Position - Guitar

Open Position - Percussions


Bro. Jerry Braxton

Bro. Gary Robertson

Usher Board
Sis. LaVerne Brown

We believe here at People United for Christ Church, individuals who chose to become ushers have an innate quality of servitude. We represent God’s Kingdom and we understand our role is one of the most important ministries in the Church, greeting people entering in to seek the Spirit of the Living God.  We are setting the temperature in the atmosphere from the onset of the Service for our visitors. 


Ushers are the first impression of the Church and understand the need to get it right the first time, as we may not get a second chance. As people are entering into the Sanctuary, we see someone's soul is at stake and it is up to us to show ourselves friendly and compassionately. "With loving-kindness have I drawn thee."     Jeremiah 3


Michelle Keys

Mikayla Parson

Terrence Kerney

Women's Ministry
Sis. Sonya Shaw

Women Being United by Christ Jesus through Love

The Women’s Ministry is a safe place, design to help women understand purpose. We are learning and teaching about different season’s we will face in our lives. For young ladies and older too, how do we get through various challenges in life.


First love, peer pressure, saying no or yes at the right times, making right choices, understanding what it looks like when we don’t; sowing evil and reaping heartache, wrong career choices tied to misery, unforgivness equals pain and sorrow, sexually transmitted diseases and addictions drugs, sex, gambling and a lying spirit e.g..


Encouragement is the key, sharing our testimonies of how the Redemptive Blood of Jesus brought us through and it can bring you through, by studying the Word of God.  Explaining your highest calling in this life is, wife and mother first. God has task us with building up our homes and passing on a legacy of faith, hope, love and being doers of the Word. "But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves."       James 1:22